We have hired our new minister, Rev. John Beerman. He will officially begin 8/1/2024. Stay tuned for more details!

Updated 04/14/2024

Step 1
UoW Board Chooses Search Team
This step is Complete!
Step 2
Paperwork completed and sent  to Unity Worldwide Ministries on 2/24/2023.  
Step 4
Unity Worldwide helps us find qualified applicants
This is the "Hurry Up and Wait" stage while Spirit works for us!
This stage will be ongoing throughout the process.
Step 5
Review Prospective Candidates
We have had 5 applications so far.  
This process will be ongoing until we chose a new minister.
Step 7
Congregants will be asked to provide feedback following speaking and Q&A. Our second candidate spoke Sunday, March 17. His name is Reverend John Beerman, the survey is now closed. For questions, please email search@unityofwimberley.com
Step 8
Search Committee Makes Recomendation after Congregational Input
Step 9
Board Approves Recommendation & Makes Offer
The Process of Choosing a Minister

Unity Church Minister Recruitment and Hiring Process

The process to recruit and hire a new minister consists of multiple steps that involve several people. The precise timeline is difficult to estimate because there are so many variables. The process involves the Unity of Wimberley (UOW) Board of Directors, Unity Worldwide and the UOW Search Committee. Ultimately, the UOW Board is responsible for the final selection process, but only after congregational input through your UOW Search Committee. Each step in the process is outlined below.

Unity of  Wimberley  Board
Your UOW Board is responsible for development of a package to submit to Unity Worldwide. The package contains basic information about our congregation, vision, mission, goals and objectives. The package is in the process of being submitted. The UOW Board is also responsible for appointing a Search Committee consisting of UOW Church members and a liaison from the UOW Board. The Search Committee has been appointed and consists of John Criswell, Evy Grant Wilkinson, Nick Giovacchini , Allison Hannah and Billy Millwee. Michael Finn will serve as the UOW Board liaison.

Unity Worldwide
While the ultimate decision on the actual hiring of a minister is left to UOW, Unity Worldwide assists us by identifying potential candidates. Unity Worldwide has access to information about available credentialed Unity ministers that may have an interest in serving as the UOW minister.

Worldwide will advertise the position and provide UOW with contact information and connect us with those available ministers.

UOW Search Committee
The UOW Search Committee is where the rubber meets the road. The UOW Board has selected 5 church members that indicated they have an interest is serving on this committee. The committee will review candidate qualifications and other materials submitted by potential candidates, interview applicants and work with the UOW Board to host meetings with the Board as well as the congregation. The interview process may consist of not only interviews but potentially videos and tapes of candidate presentations and may invite the leading candidates in to meet church members.

At the end of the process the UOW Search Team will submit a final recommendation to the UOW Board for a hiring decision.
We expect that the complete process will require 4 – 6 months to complete. But, while the UOW Board is committed to filing vitally important role our minister plays in our spiritual life we are also deeply committed to selection of a minister that meets the needs of our members.

Congretional Engagement (Stakeholder Input)  Plan
1.   Initial update at the Sunday service on 2/19/23
2.   Targeted outreach to formal groups within UoW to include:
     * Men’s Group
     * Wise Women
     * Care Team
     * Prayer Team
     * Book Club
     * Church Staff
     * Minister
     * Musicians
These meeting will essentially be listening sessions.  

3.   Investigate how to use the Visitor “Blue Cards” to obtain additional input.
4.   In order to be fully inclusive, hold a Town Hall meeting  to gather additional input and details.  
5.   Following the targeted outreach and the Town Hall , administer an electronic survey to obtain final input.
6.   Provide regular updates as events occur and/or milestone events happen.
7.   Finally, offer an affirmation each Sunday to affirm that the ideal minister that we seek for UoW is also seeking us and this cosmic connection will be made at the right time.