Dear Friends,
By now, you have heard the news that I am retiring at the end of March 2023, when my contract is finished. My restorative sabbatical time made it clear to me that it is time for me to continue to rest a little more and take a new direction in my life, even as I continue to supervise husband Bill’s care.
This is a bittersweet decision, as you can imagine, as I love our community SO MUCH! We will continue to process and grow together as we prepare the way for a new chapter at Unity of Wimberley.

One of the words commonly used at this heightened time of year is “fraught:” fraught with busy-ness, big feelings, mixed memories, and yes, unexpected grief. One of the keys for smoothing our way through the season is to acknowledge those factors and imagine them as a rapidly flowing river upon which we are leaves, floating with the water rather than resisting the current. We neither disregard the feelings, nor wallow in them. We flow. This allows us to be more present to everything going on around us without spending too much time in drama, discord, or stress. Personally, I find decorative lights, classical music, and the delicious aromas of candles and food appealing to my senses, a zen focus for my mind. In addition, we can magnify the elevated love we feel for folks around us (whether they know it or not!) During this season, let us remember to honor our bodies with rest and fluids and calm as we go about the traditions, old and new, of the many holidays that mark the new few weeks.

May all your days be warm and bright! And may blessings abound upon you and yours! 

With much love,
Rev Jill