Unity Church Family Ownership
The Church Family Ownership (CFO) Program provides private financing for the Church mortgage.


CFO Information 2024

  • 25 families are currently invested

  • $478,941 remaining debt principal January 2024

  • 5.25% interest rate beginning April 1, 2023 for 5 years

  • $11,981 quarterly payout of principal + interest

  • $2,502,470 property value per 2023 Hays County Appraisal District

  • BeSquare Bookkeeping transitioning to CFO Administrator role

  • Spring 2028 next Open Exchange


Additional Information

TMI Trust Company (TMI) has been retained to provide the IRA account administration for the Program.  TMI is a Fort Worth owned and operated independent trust company, founded in 1954.

 Be Square Bookkeeping has been retained as the Paying agent working with the Program Administrator. 

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