Dear Friends,  

Earlier today (Thursday), I presented Midday Reflections on Facebook Live. The title was “Remember, Release, Renew.” That is the Easter message in a nutshell. On Maunday Thursday, the Christian day of the Last Supper during Passover, we remember not just the man Jesus, but his message. What he taught has reverberated through the ages---whether he actually said the words as scripture recounts, the deepest truths have stayed with us and guided us by resonating with our hearts. Good Friday marks the day of crucifixion, when Jesus was put to death by Roman order for his “trouble-making.” We too release everything in this earthly life that no longer serves us, that hinders our spiritual progress or leaves us less than peaceful. And of course, on Easter Sunday we honor the resurrection of Jesus, his demonstration that life is not limited by bodily death. We too experience renew(al) as a natural expression of limitless life in Spirit.  

My friends, do not underestimate the powerful cycle of life in which we are immersed right now. Humanity is engaged in one of the most dynamic shifts we may have seen in our lifetime. We have not yet fully recovered from the trauma of a global pandemic, devastating weather events, ongoing political enmity, and now the war in Ukraine that pains all of us. (Not to mention our own personal struggles) We are being “rearranged” at a cellular level, and sometimes it does not feel very good. We vacillate between moments of extraordinary dis-ease and breathtaking transcendence. Sound familiar?  

Now, more than ever, it is good for us to recall the Easter message over and over. The example of living fully through difficult times has been given to us. We must remember, release, and renew. Not just this weekend, but every day.  

Much love and many blessings,
Rev Jill