Dear Friends,
As many of you know, I am about to begin my sabbatical, the first one in 4½ years. You will be in such good hands! We have excellent speakers coming (be sure to see information in this newsletter and subsequent ones). And we are in a beautiful arc in our community life in which “the long hunger” for each other’s company during the pandemic is being filled with the loveliest social and spiritual gatherings, shared tears and laughter, delicious meals, and elevated engagement at all levels.

The pandemic was difficult for all of us. None of us knew how to “do it,” and church leaders faced the unknown territory of trying to provide quality Sunday service and class content while meeting the needs of people at a distance. In the midst of that and in dealing with some challenging family issues, I discovered something new about myself that I’ll try to explain here. All my life, I have “muscled through” whatever life brought me. (There might be a little bit of the overachiever at work there!) I finally realized that just because I CAN do a lot, it doesn’t mean that I have to choose to do it all the time. In fairness to myself---and to you---I determined that if I could take a break with the Board’s blessing, it would be renewing and refreshing. The Board did agree, and the plan came together with the help of staff, volunteers, and willing visiting speakers. I hope to model good self-care and trust in divine timing with this much-needed break.

Here is my request of you: please continue to support our beloved community with your time and presence, with your talents and financial gifts. You know that the Unity of Wimberley is much more than one speaker and the content of a Sunday service. It is the shared experience of our shared beliefs; it is the warm reassurance of knowing that partners in prayer and practical matters are at hand; it is the message of hope and compassion that we carry into the world.

I trust that you will hold the flame of what makes our community unique. And I’ll see you soon! 

Much love and many blessings,

Rev Jill