Dear Friends,

As you may have heard in the Sunday service on June 26, I am stepping back from as many ministerial duties as I have been performing. My attention has been divided between my family and my sacred role at Unity of Wimberley. My husband Bill’s health has been steadily declining, more dramatically in recent weeks. As his medical power of attorney, I am communicating more with caregivers and his many medical professionals; and I must be able to drop other things quickly as his needs arise.

The Board, Llea, and I have already discussed and planned for more guest speakers---excellent ones!---that will fill in periodically. I will still be speaking at least once a month, sometimes more often. I will teach my Wednesday class through July and continue Facebook Live on Thursdays.

I am assuring that there are pastoral care chaplains available to assist with those duties. We have gained such momentum that I am assured that we will all continue in the spirit of celebration and the embrace of new and old friendships.

Many of you have presented new and excellent ways of studying Truth with each other; we are exploring putting those into place.

For now, know that Unity of Wimberley is my heart’s home, and I trust that it is yours. Be safe and patient in these hot days ahead. Travel safely in your journeys about the country and the world. Carry hope as your companion as we weather the current sociopolitical storms. They too,  will illuminate our next steps upon this planet.

Much love,
Rev Jill