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Come and Enjoy an Evening of Unity Fun! There's no cost to attend, but let us know you are coming by clicking here. We want to make sure to pop enough popcorn for everyone! We will also have pizza to buy during the intermission. 

Calling All Performers!
Join us for Unity's first annual Summer Solstice Talent Show! This is pure, Unity social fun. All are welcome to participate, whether you're a seasoned performer or a novice. The show will be held in the coolness of the Sanctuary, on the evening of Thursday, June 20. Come and show us what you've got!
Contact Aida Pierson at to sign up.

Not Sure What You Might Do in a Talent Show?  Have a look at these suggestions!

  1. Stand-Up Comedy: Try your hand at comedy by telling jokes or funny anecdotes.
  2. Dance Routines: Choreograph simple dance routines to popular songs and perform them individually or in groups.
  3. Magic Tricks: Learn a few basic magic tricks and dazzle the audience with some sleight of hand.
  4. Lip Sync Battle: Mimic famous singers by lip-syncing their songs with exaggerated performances.
  5. Instrumental Performances: Play an instrument, whether it's the guitar, piano, or even something unconventional like the ukulele or harmonica.
  6. Poetry Reading: Share original poems or recite favorites from well-known poets.
  7. Impersonations: Try impersonating famous celebrities, politicians, or fictional characters for some comedic entertainment.
  8. Storytelling: Tell a captivating story or narrate a humorous anecdote from your life.
  9. Talentless-Talent: Embrace the lack of talent by performing intentionally bad acts for comedic effect.
  10. Group Performances: Get together with friends or family to perform group skits, songs, or dances.