The Muslim Koran and the Jewish Torah both say peace is one of the names of God.

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.” And he blessed the peacemakers as children of God.

Our Peace Pole joins thousands around the world, part of a Peace Pole Project that began in Japan a decade after atomic bombs destroyed two of their cities.

Each pole carries the mesage May Peace Prevail on Earth.

It’s a prayer.

It’s an affirmation.

It’s an intention we all can share.

Unity of Wimberley stands for peace, and our Peace Pole stands in a grove of live oak trees near the church buildling. The Peace Park includes benches to sit for contemplation and enormous wind chimes that resonate deeply on the breeze.

Our Peace Pole carries the message May Peace Prevail on Earth in eight languages: English, Spanish, Aramaic, Sanskrit, Cherokee, Tibetan, leaf prints to represent nature and paw prints to represent other sentient beings.

This pole was the brainchild of church member Kimberly Kruger and was designed and created in limestone by architect Hal Schauer. It was dedicated on Sept. 22, 2013, and we celebrate it each year with a special ceremony on the International Day of Peace.