Announcements will be made at the Sunday service prior to workdays and there will be a listing in the bi-weekly “News From The Hill” enewsletter email.  
The Unity Church of Wimberley has an Open Space Agricultural Valuation for Wildlife Management which lowers our property taxes significantly. The Hays Central Appraisal District monitors this tax valuation.  The Unity Church of Wimberley is in good standing for meeting compliance because of our volunteers' efforts. 
We appreciate our volunteers who give their time to help maintain our land.
What do we do on a Wildlife Workday?
A team of volunteers, prior to Covid,  worked one Saturday each month for 3 to 4 hours to tend the trails and grounds around our beautiful church. We plan to get our Wildlife workdays in motion again now that we seem to be getting back to "normal."  It is important to keep the trails open since we need them to get to work areas, and many members like to hike on the trails. For participating in a wildlife workday wear clothing and footwear for the outdoors, hats, bug spray and sunscreen are encouraged. If you have any of these tools please bring them as needed: hoe, rake, pruning shears, loppers, and chainsaw.
Our chosen species to care for is BIRDS! 
The 10 bird nest boxes are monitored during nesting season, February to July.  At the end of the nesting season the bird boxes are cleaned and repaired as needed.  Supplemental feeding and watering is provided on a weekly basis.  Bird monitoring begins each year on the 2nd week of February.  
If you would like to help with monitoring bird nesting boxes please contact Susan Parker Leigh at